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Hallorann appears in a story Mike's dad tells him about his army days, in which he narrowly escapes being burned alive in an arson attack by white supremacists.

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Dick is the one who tells Mike's father to climb through the window of their clubhouse rather than running for the jammed doorway, which ends up saving his life. There are a handful of locations that crop up again and again in Stephen King's novels.

Derry, with its nightmarish clowns and general sense of despair and misery, is one of these. No matter how old a character may be, there's always the chance they'll pop up again somewhere down the road. Often, Stephen King will bring back one of his main characters in a smaller, cameo role in a later novel.

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But Cynthia Smith is almost the reverse of that. She initially appears in King's novel Rose Madder in a supporting role she befriends the main character, Rose, in a women's shelter , then returns the following year for a much bigger part in Desperation.

These Stephen King characters all appear in multiple books

Oh, and just to make things that little bit more confusing, she's also in the companion novel to Desperation , a book called The Regulators. That one was written under King's "Richard Bachman" pseudonym, and it's set in a parallel universe. But he still gets a mention in both books, and at the very least his presence hangs over a number of King's stories.

In Dreamcatcher , the main characters find a memorial to the people lost in the storm that took place in Derry in the one that takes place at the end of IT. In The Tommyknockers , meanwhile, a character driving through Derry thinks he sees a clown staring out of a sewer drain as he travels past. The problem is, The Tommyknockers is set two years after IT , when Pennywise is meant to be dead and gone.

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As one person on Reddit pointed out , though, maybe one of Its eggs survived When you start getting into the world of King's Dark Tower series, things get even more complex. I'm not going to start banging on about the multiverse here I've already done that before , but the TL;DR version is that the Dark Tower novels are the nexus of King's body of work.

Download e-book The Chance, 3 Edition: Edition 3 (Originals Book 1)

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