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Ritual is better together! Get ahead when you connect with teammates. Join teammates at:. I don't have a team. Connect to your office. Add a new address. Jordan is not only a really funny guy but a very passionate one about everything he is doing. I truly valued getting to sit down and talk to Jordan about business life and tee most important thing of all: people.

Jordan has built his brand around community and it shows through in everything they do. Give this podcast a listen and I promise you will gain something from it. Support Jordan: jordanmoffitt baconandbarbells. Also getting into some more light hearted stuff and sharing some personal stories. Topics include mindset, PEDs, ins and outs of powerlifting from multiple perspectives and balancing your life with your goals. E Paul Oneid. This week we sit down with Paul Oneid pauloneid a powerlifter, certified strength and conditioning specialist, Master of Science in Exercise Science, and Master of Science in Sports Management.

We get into Pauls history, mindset, training and we go into detail about his innovative new app MetriLife. There is a TON of knowledge to gain from Paul and this episode is no different.. Its insanely intuitive and WILL help you improve your lifestyle. E Support. Another in-house episode this week!

We even get a brief telling of the start of Ritual. As always there is a ton of practical information in this podcast as well as the ever present discussion on how to improve your mindset. E Rob Hall.

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This week we have Rob Hall worldbreakersavage on the podcast! We talk a lot about his come back from his recent injury, his mindset, and how he sets goals for himself. I had a lot of fun talking with Rob and there is a ton to gain from this podcast. You will walk away from this podcast wanting to go after your goals with an unrelenting attitude. E Aggressive Positivity. This week we have a little bit of a different episode. We get into some of the hard taught personal developments from each party and how they learned to adapt their mindsets to better overcome.

We also discuss certain methods and ideologies we use to remind ourselves every day to remain progressing in our own goals. You will gain something if not just a different perspective from this episode.

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E Justin Dubs. Justin is another one of those people out there who truly wants to see people get stronger. His instagram is filled with great advice and this podcast is no different.

We talk a lot about mentality, how he deals with own mental struggles, as well as how he helps his lifters deal with it. We also get into some topics such as visualization, his time owning a gym, and the development of his coaching. There is a lot to gain and apply to yourself within this episode. E Stacy Burr.

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This week we have the one and only Stacy Burr bamaburr the number one ranked powerlifter by way of Wilks in the world. Stacy is an immensely passionate person and it absolutely oozes out of her throughout this entire podcast.

Stacy's mindset is absolutely relentless and inspiring. I know I gained a ton out of getting able to sit down and talk with Stacy and you will absolutely walk away from this podcast with something as well. Support Stacy: bamaburr baddogbarbell thechampionmindset Ritualapparel.

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E Charlie Binkley. Charlie is not only an insanely strong powerlifter but also a coach and advocate for mental health. I really enjoyed getting to know Charlie and dive a little deeper into what he is about. Charlie is uniquely passionate about the simple act of helping people and is constantly making himself available to give advice where he can. Charlies character is on display throughout the podcast as he exhibits his ability to be be both honest and forthcoming with what he believes. You will gain just as much out of this podcast as I did getting to do it.