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In motion on the ocean. The moon still keeps on moving.

Jukebox Saturday Night

The waves still keep on waving. And I still keep on going. I wonder if the stars sign. The life that is to be mine. And would they let their light shine. Enough for me to follow. I look up to the heavens. But night has clouded over. No spark of constellation. No Vela no Orion. The shells upon the warm sands. Have taken from their own lands.

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The echo of their story. But all I hear are low sounds.

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As pillow words are weaving. And willow waves are leaving. But should I be believing. That I am only dreaming.

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To leave the thread of all time. And let it make a dark line. In hopes that I can still find. The way back to the moment. I took the turn and turned to.

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Begin a new beginning. Still looking for the answer. I cannot find the finish.

It's either this or that way. It's one way or the other.

Jukebox Saturday Night

It should be one direction. It could be on reflection. The turn I have just taken. The turn that I was making. I might be just beginning. I might be near the end.

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