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Most recently she has been involved in a number of disability-related projects to explore alternative critical and creative ways of designing for inclusion.

Jo’s Boys (Collins Classics)

She is interested in how work across disability studies and other forms of activism are challenging ahistorical and atheoretical attitudes to disability that remain far too common within architecture and the built environment. This collects in one volume the best writing on built space from disability studies, together with innovative ideas about inclusive design, so as to create an important new resource for built environment students, educators and design professionals.

Most recently she has been involved in a number of disability-related projects to explore alternative critical and creative ways of designing for inclusion. She is now developing this work in relationship to educational design and its environments. The future of learning spaces in post-compulsory education Sense Publishers.

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Her work aims to link theory and practice, so as to enable the sector to develop more evidence-based and integrated strategies, policies and initiatives for improving current learning environments. For example, Towards Creative Learning Routledge investigated the multiplicity of agendas and relationships across and between different actors in learning environments initiatives — with sections on architectural, educationalist and estates planning perspectives —so as better inform debates across policy, theory and practice; and between different stakeholders.

A key aim was to challenge some of the conventional wisdom about how learning and teaching and its associated spaces is — or should be — changing. Most crucially, this work, undertaken as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching through Design CELTD between - , revealed the lack of effective theoretical and methodological frameworks for implementing or evaluating new learning spaces; little engagement with important implications for university structures and services more generally; and a common failure to connect learning spaces developments effectively to wider societal, economic and environmental contexts.


Other research has focused more directly on finding methods for unraveling the complex inter-relationships between learning spaces and student experiences, such as engagement, belonging and performance. The ongoing aim has been to analyse and then communicate such complex inter-relationships effectively and clearly to a range of audiences; so as to encourage debate and support evidence-based and achievable actions towards improvement.

For a lot of readers, Little Men was a betrayal of the feminist ideology that made Little Women so popular. Alcott never married, and she knew that readers of Little Women would not be interested in a single, childless, middle-aged woman.

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She had originally hoped to leave Jo unmarried, happily pursuing her career as a writer, much like her creator, but after the original Little Women ended with the marriage of Meg Alcott was inundated with letters from fans, clamouring for Jo to be married to Laurie. Fans were also reluctant to accept that Jo was no longer a teenager. Finally, in an attempt to appease her fans and publisher, Alcott made the Jo March of Little Men a happily married mother to two biological children and 18 adopted children, but denied her a career.

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  • Little Women placed women at the centre of its narrative; Little Men relegates them to passive observers. Jo March was going to be a writer! She fell in love with her husband while discussing Transcendentalism!

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    No wonder fans of Little Women are frequently taken aback when they read Little Men; we are witnessing Jo March failing to achieve her dreams.