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I own none of these characters love mazerunner romance thomas wattpride. Send to Friend. Where stories live. Discover now. Sign in Sign Up. Gash so admirably exemplified. Aside from honoring the Gertrude Gash recipients, the church family also extended their love and support to their students in grades K The school packets will be distributed during an old-fashioned cookout that the church has planned for Saturday, Aug.

Pastor Suber and the Glade Creek Church family are proud of not only their students, but also all students throughout the community, and beyond. They wish them a very blessed, and productive school year, and pray that this is their best school year, ever.

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Physical: 37 North Broad St. Mailing: P. Box 32 Brevard, NC Ph: Back at the lab, Carlos tells Jim and Jennifer that the toxicology screen came back clean for sleeping pills and barbiturates.

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Her death wasn't caused by her head wound either. Upon closer examination of the body, Carlos found needle marks by her hip and buttocks. They bear the markings of repeated injections of HGH.

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He displays a photo of Brandy's bruised head wound on a larger screen, which shows a small scab within the bruise. He suggests that Brandy was injected there with something fast acting that vanished from her system quickly, something an anesthesiologist would use.

It clicks for all of them. Manus tells them that Tara is booked on a red-eye to Caracas that night. Jennifer points out that Tara has family there and Venezuela doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U. If she gets there, she's gone. Tara wheels a carry on toward an open trunk, but is immediately greeted by Jim, Jennifer, and Carlos.

Jim hands her a warrant as Carlos digs into her bag and pulls out a clear liquid which he describes as Succinylcholine, also known as SUX, a strictly controlled anesthetic used to paralyze the throat and larynx of patients for intubation.

Gash in the Glades - eBook

Tara says she's licensed to use it and carries it for emergencies. Jim suggests she used it on Brandy to avoid lowering the value of her booming business. Carlos says that without supplemental oxygen, the patient can't breathe.

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  6. They will asphyxiate in minutes and die while awake, just like Brandy did. Jennifer says she then placed Brandy in the fountain to make it look like an accident Tara just stands there, stunned, as she gets cuffed by FDLE officers. That's why she's doing a book tour; she wanted the Fountain of Youth Spa's cure to be hers, not Brandy's.

    Brandy had a controlling interest of the Spa which means she owned Tara's research. Jim theorizes that Tara killed her to become a free agent, and then planned to head home to Caracas.

    They checked the card swipe log on the drug storage room where she kept the SUX and only two people went there the night before the murder: her and Brandy. Jim holds up a vial with a piece of Tara's hair in it and says that they tested it to find out every drug she has taken and discovered that although she claimed to take HGH, she hasn't.

    It was a secret Brandy probably found out, and a secret definitely worth killing her over. Tara tells them that no one, including Brandy, knew she wasn't taking the hormone. She wasn't looking for investors; she was looking to sell her shares to be free from Bruce. She explains that she and Brandy had an agreement to split the company 51 to 49 percent in Brandy's favor and Bruce would inherit her shares.

    Tara wanted to get out of the business before he ran it into the ground. That's why she cancelled his corporate card. Jim tells Tara that she's in luck because if Carlos finds SUX in Brandy's system, then she's out of business for good. Jim and Jennifer walk out of the interrogation room and Daniel asks if Tara "fell for it. And he caught a big one because now they know Bruce was lying. A sweaty Bruce sits in a steam room, when Jim, clad only in a towel, enters and sits next to him. Annoyed, Bruce tells him to leave before he "breaks every bone in his body," but Jim just continues needling him about how he used his wife's money then started having an affair with Christa.

    Getting progressively angrier, Bruce tells Jim to get on his feet so they can fight. Jim eggs him on, saying that once he hits him he'll be able to get a warrant to prove that Bruce is taking steroids, which everyone knows can make a sane man go into a homicidal rage. Bruce snaps and punches the wall, though he really wanted to punch Jim. In a courtroom, Elkins sits on the stand while Callie anxiously watches. He plays the victim card hard, telling the judge that he should have known better than to accept the wine Callie offered him, but he didn't realize what was happening until after she showed him she had taped their conversation.

    He explains how Callie perjured herself by signing fraudulent income tax returns and she asked him not to refer the matter for prosecution. She also wanted him to give her a light payment schedule for her back taxes. Given the situation he walked into, he was afraid to do exactly what she said.

    The judge dismisses him from the stand. Callie approaches the bench and gives her recollection of that night's events, saying that after Elkins made his proposition, he tried to kiss her, but stopped after she played back the recording. He tried grabbing her phone, but she kneed him and told him to get out of her house. She tells the judge that she can sit there and play the victim like Elkins did, but she doesn't have to.

    She was raising her son alone because her husband was in prison and she was afraid of Elkins and afraid that she had done something wrong by signing the returns and he knew it and could use it against her. But she's not afraid of him now. She admits recording their conversation, but only because she had to. Starring Elkins down, she says she will swear in court in front of a jury about what happened so that he can never again make anyone else feel the way he made her feel that day. The judge taps his gavel and will make a decision the following day.

    Some shoppers believed an altercation between two men was a terrorist attack.

    At Daniel's desk, Daniel hands Jim a file and tells him that Brandy's heir, not Bruce's, gets everything. Jennifer is confused because Brandy never had children. Carlos tells the team that he tested the hair against Brandy's to prove it wasn't hers and to find out if there was a DNA match. Tests show Brandy had a daughter: Christa. Daniel shows Jennifer and Jim the evidence he pulled from Christa's work desk, which included Brandy's security badge to the medical storage room.

    He says he also checked the browsing history on her computer to find that Christa searched for "basics of Succinylcholine," from a pharmacy school website. Christa was the one who opened the medical storage room that night, not Brandy. Back in the interrogation room, Christa sits across from Jennifer and Jim, who begin filling her in on what they have on her: her hair found in Brandy's watch band and Brandy's security card in her desk.

    Christa doesn't say anything. So they start telling her what they found out about her life: she was adopted, but when she turned 16 she sought out her birth mother who refused to meet her. That's why Christa stole money from the mall and hired a private investigator, who eventually tracked down Brandy.

    From there, Christa got a job at the Spa and blackmailed Brandy. She knew the story would hurt her image, so she wanted money.

    Love in The Glades (Thomas X Reader)

    When she wouldn't pay her, she killed her. Christa finally breaks and tells them she wasn't after money. She just wanted to change Brandy's mind so that she could be a part of her life.